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Consultation and Participation Procedure

This procedure describes arrangements for consultation with stakeholders and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of decision making which are appropriate to their specific circumstances.

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WHS Committee or Working Group Terms of Reference

This Terms of Reference (ToR) document establishes the agreed functions of a WHS Committee or Working Group, both collectively and individually. It is owned, maintained and utilised as a guiding document by the Committee or Working Group to ensure efficient and effective consultative outcomes and risk-based decision making.

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Training and Competency Procedure

This procedure describes the arrangements for training and competency and describes the process and requirement for providing training and information to ensure all employees and contractors have the necessary material, technical skills and competency to safely perform the job efficiently and to fulfil the requirements of their role.

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Document Control & Record Management Procedure

This procedure provides a framework for the management of WHS documents and records in accordance with legislative requirements and best practice standards.

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Injury & Claims Management Procedure

This procedure supports the Injury Management Policy and Recovery at Work Program. It documents how the arrangements outlined in the Program is to executed. This procedure can be used by all employers whether small or large.

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Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment Procedure

This document outlines a procedure for effectively identifying and assessing the risks, implementing appropriate control measures and monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the controls.

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Safety Event Management Procedure

This procedure outlines the safety event management, reporting and investigation processes and is intended to ensure:

·      that all incidents and near misses are recorded, reported and investigated with the view to preventing a reoccurrence of similar events;

·      requirements of the WHS Management System are met;

·      compliance with legal requirements for incident notification and government reporting; and

·      a safe workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors through effective and systematic safety event investigation and reporting mechanisms, to ensure that further risks of workplace incidents and near misses are eliminated.

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Out of Service Procedure

This procedure provides direction for managers and employees to develop and implement appropriate strategies to isolate forms of potentially hazardous energy relating to plant, machinery and equipment and minimise the risk of an accidental release of hazardous energy occurring which could result in injury or illness.

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Recruitment Procedure

This document outlines the procedure for the recruitment of the most competent and suitable people for our organisation.

This procedure is intended to ensure:

·       that the most competent and suitable people are recruited and retained;

·       a career path, promotional, and development opportunities to all employees;

·       all appointments are based on merit having regard to an applicant’s ability, knowledge, and skills relative to the position; and

·       the elimination of direct or indirect discrimination from recruitment practices.

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

This procedure describes the arrangements for emergency preparedness and response and provides management with direction to ensure the basic requirements for the response to emergency situations are meet. 

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Drug and Alcohol Procedure

This procedure gives a clear, transparent and consistent processes for addressing the testing and risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

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Traffic Management Procedure

This document provides direction for minimising the health and safety risks associated with traffic movements.

This procedure covers the movement of vehicles, including customer and contractor vehicles, in and around the workshop, forecourt, yard and carpark. This procedure is intended to minimise the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

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Communication Procedure

This procedure provides direction for the implementation of effective communication of Work Health and Safety (WHS) information.

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Change Management Procedure

This procedure provides a risk based Change Management process to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of people and Work Health and Safety (WHS) performance and outcomes are not compromised by organisational change and that changes are introduced in a planned, systemic and consultative manager. 

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Asset Lifecycle Management Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a framework for the efficient and effective management of fixed and mobile assets through their entire lifecycle.

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Workplace Inspection Procedure

This Procedure provides direction for managers and employees in how to conduct regular workplace inspections at the workplace. 

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