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Online resource for workplace health safety documents

  • Strategy

    Strategy planning and execution resources.

  • Policy

    Principles of action adopted or proposed by an organisation

  • Procedure

    Established method of accomplishing an action, usually with steps that are performed in a prescribed order

  • Checklists and Forms

    Resources to support Policy and Procedure

  • Programs

    Resources that provide information about various incident / injury prevention and risk reduction initiatives.

  • Registers

    Resources to record, monitor and measure various WHS compliance practices such as training, hazardous substances and materials, assets and workplace incidents and injuries.

  • Toolbox Talks

    A range of common topic toolbox training and information sharing reference resources for the automotive industry.

  • Education and Training

    A range of topical training and education resources about WHS and Return to Work in the automotive industry.

  • Safe Work Instructions

    A range of standard safe work instructions common to automotive industry work tasks and practices. Also referred to as safety instructions / safe work method statements / safe operating procedures.

  • Reporting Templates

    A range of WHS performance and management reporting templates.

  • MTC Publications and Reports

    MTC publications and reports for the public domain.